Judge Dread

Prince Buster
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Parole e musica di Prince Buster, nome d’arte del musicista giamaicano Cecil Bustamente ‎Campbell.‎
Nell’album intitolato “Judge Dread Rock Steady”‎.
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Parodia del tipo di giustizia riservata ai “ragazzi di strada”, ai “rude boys”, la controcultura ‎giovanile sviluppatisi in Giamaica all’inizio degli anni 60 che, con i suoi generi ska, rocksteady e ‎reggae, ha tanto influenzato e modificato il panorama musicale inglese e mondiale, fino ai giorni ‎nostri.‎
‎(You're rough, you're tough, you're rough, you're tough)

‎"Order, now my court is in session, will you please stand?
First, allow me to introduce myself, my name is ‘Judge Hundred-Years’
Some people call me Judge Dread
Now, I have come here to whoop you, try all you rudeboys
For shooting black people
In my court only we talk, because I'm vexed, and I am the rudeboy today
[Indecipherable name]?"

‎"Yes, sir"

‎"Rudeboy Adolfus James?"

‎"Yes, sir"

‎"Rudeboy Emmanuel Zechariah Zechipaul?"


‎"George Grabandflee?"


‎"Hmm... Adolfus James, I see here you have been charged with
Ten shooting attempts
Five murder charge
Six grab and flee charge"

‎"But your honor, I didn't--"

‎"Hush up! Guilty or not guilty?"

‎"Not guilty, sir"

‎"I don't care what you say, take four hundred years. Stand down
Emmanuel Zechariah Zechipaul?"

‎"Yes, sir?"

‎"You've been charged with fifteen charge of shooting attempts
Fifteen murder charge
And I heard that you was the one there on Sutton Street
Who tell the judge, 'Rudeboys don't care'
Well, this is King Street, and my name is Judge Dread, and I don't care
Now take four hundred years"

‎"But ya don't know what I would say, your good honor--"

‎"Hush up! What you trying to do, shoot me, too?"

‎"No, your honor, but I--"

‎"Quiet! Four hundred more years for you!... George Grabandflee?"

‎"Yes, sir?"

‎"Stop your crying, rudeboys don't cry, that's what I hear"

‎"But I didn't do that, dem frame me, and I don't deserve that--"

‎"--I don't care, hush up! This is my court!
You're charged for robbing school-children
Rob with aggravation..."

[Incoherent mumbling]

‎"Hush up, order!
Adolfus James?"

‎"Yes sir?"

‎"You rob school-children
You ? the people's house
You shot black people"

‎"But your honor, I didn't--"

‎"Hush up! Just for talking, I now charge you for contempt, and that
Is a separate hundred years
I hereby sentence you to four hundred years"

[Incoherent mumbling]

‎"I said hush up, hush up!
You're sentenced to four hundred years and five hundred lashes
I am going to set an example, I--rudeboys don't cry, don't cry!
When I was in harbor, I hear you were tough. Court adjourned, take them away!"‎

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