Who Rules The World?

Nathan Sloniowski
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Copyright 2004 by Nathan Sloniowski
From/Da Centre For Political Song
"This song is a very Canadian one - somebody watching television at dinnertime as planes crash into buildings, people starve in different parts of the world, and digesting the evening meal of mayhem with a very cynical, passive and I think Canadian 'gosh, shucks, glad it's not me and I live here not there, pass the peas please' sense of detachment. It's a form of detachment that is utterly deadly because if the majority of people in developing countries take the screen-zombie approach, powerful countries like the United States will increasingly drape their flags around death and destruction to secure resources and other geo-political objectives with nary a peep out of the rest of the world (except perhaps, activist songwriters!). I chose a bemused, satirical approach to the lyrics, including the blatantly country & western backdrop and the snippets of edited (by UK comedian Chris Morris, according to sources on the internet) Bush oratory because ultimately I think people need a fun-house mirror to look at themselves in such an unsavoury context." -Nathan Sloniowski.

As the latest member of The Ragged Flowers band to venture a solo recording, Nathan Sloniowski explores alt-country with Terry Tufts adding his gifts to Nathan's new "No Wicked for the Rest" CD. A deep-roasted blend of folk flavoured with bluegrass and roots influences, Nathan's songs and mellow alto voice take audiences on an intelligent, irreverent journey into the bizarre world of 21st century power structures, with engaging road-trips along the way into love, loss and redemption.

Nathan's mp3 pre-release of an anti-Bush song called "Who Rules The World" has already attracted an article in the Ottawa Citizen, a television feature on CBC's Canada Now, airplay on CKCU-FM, and global downloads from being featured on the OneWorld Radio Network.

Nathan's a huge fan of Mr. Tufts, and Rasputin's will be treated to Terry's not-often-heard dobro, mandolin and electric guitar playing. Nathan's also bringing along Stouffville Ontario's Stella Luna, a roots-rock singer-songwriter who's recently opened for Chris Brown and Kate Fenner at The Horseshoe in Toronto and backs Nathan on harmony vocals on his new record.

Expect a campfire atmosphere as these three musical friends explore Nathan's new music. And since Terry and Stella are in the finishing stages of their own CDs, be ready for some newer-than-new music by them in the second set!

From This cache page
Jose just lost her job
She's been holdin' her own now for 15 years
And Bobby wants to drop a bomb
In the name of God and a new light beer
And I'm just sittin' here

Who rules the world?
My mom says there's a reason for everything
Baby who really rules the world
She must know what she's doin' cuz she won't be told anything

Ahkmed's lookin' for his home
Three kids and a wife in a pile of rubble
And the Yankees just gave the word
The towers are on fire and there's gonna be trouble
And I'm just sittin' here
Watchin' it all from my solid-state bubble
Yeah I'm just sittin' here
Shakin' my head pass the ketchup please
No it won't do to have millions starve
Pass the peas instead

Who rules the world?
My mom says there's a reason for everything
Yeah baby who really rules the world?
He must know what he's doin' cuz he won't be told anything


Who rules the world?
My mom says there's a reason for everything
Yeah baby who really rules the world?
Maybe it's the man on the news
Who rules the world?
I don't know I'm just an observer
Yeah baby who really rules the world?
I wish that things could be more happy.

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