Yelling For War

Sue Jeffers
Language: English

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Welcome Home
i keep seeing shots of people both here and there
carrying their presidents on a stick
these old men using people's lives on both sides of the line
to play their politics
and they're yelling for war, yelling for war

i hear the news they managed to update the boots
for those who lead this war
yeah the technology's changed but the thinking's still the same
as in all the other wars that we've ever fought before so we're
yelling for more

i hear the preachers on the television recreating their religion
trying to sanctify their fears
and everyone is looking for someone else to blame
for the evil that we've had a hand in for all these years
so we're yelling for war

i've heard people who i thought were sane
cheering for killing terror and pain falling on those they don't know
'cause they're scared for themselves and they're scared for their friends
so they're looking to someone who claims that he knows why
we're yelling for war

tonight the first american to be buried by this war was given his salute
the grandson and the son of those who were asked to fight before
and we're still looking for reasons for what these men were asked to do
so we're yelling for more

we've been manipulated, terrorized, cheated and abused
asked to do things we can't explain
so people cheer a killing field their friends and family walk
because they're told by their leaders it will help to stop the pain
caused by yelling for war

the generals keep telling us the children that we kill
are collateral damage or just mistakes
we've been taken to the point our humanity is lost
and we've got to help each other to find out what it takes to stop
yelling for war
stop yelling for war

Contributed by Alessandro - 2006/7/26 - 18:19

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