Enter Shikari
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(Enter Shikari)

Album: Common Dreads
common dreads


"This ties in with the opening track. This introduces all the main themes throughout the album: the environment, the economy and war". (Rou Reynolds)
Here tonight I clock a thousand heads
Here to unite, through common dreads
Now who's with me? (Ho!)
Now who's with me? (Ho!)

Something trips inside, that's been dormant for a thousand years
Now we can no longer hide the immediacy of these fears
Our names will not be writ on water
And we don't need an arc
One day I know, the dam will collapse
And we will be the current!

Yes... what have you got for me?

And now the flood gates will open

You cannot hold back the tide!
You cannot hold back the tide!

We will sing as one in solidarity!
We will swim together
No longer treading water,
we're flowing with the tide
And you can taste the night,
don't waste the night!

We will sing as one in solidarity,
we will swim together, tonight...
And still we will be here standing like statues!
Ah! The time is now!
Belt it brothers!

[Overlapping choruses:]
And still we will be here, standing like statues
We're not hiding, we're not hiding…

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