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written, mixed and engineered by U.Irro; produced by BoofyNY
Why should I rap about guns and wars
about missions that goes to Mars
about bitches and expensive cars
or innocent inmates behind bars
everyone wants to shine like stars
but they are too far away for us..
Why are people writing from their hearts
and rapping with one mic like NAS
and for what? Equality or success?
to fight against misery is a long process
but that is the start of this contest
if you really want to be the best
you should not stay around helpless
start to work and melt the mess
in your chest burn it out like gas
it will save you like a bullet-proof vest

One question, one word
One blessing, one world
One seed, one wife
One beat, no life..

Why is there just one door and too many keys?
Why do so many people want to be MCs?
And why does 50 percent of these wanna be G's
have got fake IDs like underage pussies?
I am like a thunder in rage, feel free
an all-rounder on stage, come and see me
I am the founder of wage, working for eternity
and I wonder why you can not stay real in the society
Of cause I could make a nice battle track
but why should I talk about wearing a new Mac in my bag
about calling another people homo or fag
or why should I say that Hip-Hop is dead
that is all not true, I stay real
my only weapon is to say what I feel
my mind and my pen are hard as steel
and Hip-Hop just loses his mass appeal..

One dad, one mum
One bed, one calm
One pain, one hug
One vein, – No blood

Why do we need aims in our short life?
Why does a man play games with his wife?
Why does everyone want fame without to strive?
And why do kids pain others with a knife?
Too many problems and too less solutions
that all hurts in my brain like a cerebral contusion
but music gives me more energy than a hydrogen fusion
I do not want to earn money with prostitution
because you can not sell the human's dignity
you can not even gain it by trickery
the human wants to be free without slavery
but why can I not see any liberty?
Because the humanity affects to violate
How can I express myself with a high crime rate?
at first we have to find peace in us, than in our mates
fuck ignorance, a rescue can never be too late

One fear, one pen
One ear, one fan
One clone, one dove
One home, – No love

Fuck ignorance, a rescue can never be too late
Too late, too late..
It can never be too late..

Contributed by giorgio - 2012/5/8 - 16:10

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