War Correspondent

Jill Sobule
Language: English

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Lyrics & Music by Jill Sobule
Album: The Folk Years, 2003-2003
Jill Sobule The Folk Years
I work for Abu Dhabi
And I work for Channel Four
At the Palestine hotel
You had the room next door..

As the bunker bombs were falling
Lit up the Baghdad sky
You said come here you sweet infidel
I'll show you the fourth of July
I'm a war correspondent in love...

I know you hate my country
but you've probably got a right
I came here to liberate
and change my boring life..
And I know you don't drink whisky
but you got a hookah pipe
see my hair in angles
you could more less spend the night..

I'm a war correspondent in love,
I'm a war correspondent in love..

I really like your alphabet,
I really like your laugh..
Never seen anyone with such a big moustache,
big moustache..

I'm a war correspondent in love,
I'm a war correspondent,
really let's not be despondent
I'm a war correspondent in love
in loveā€¦ IN LOVE..

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