Same People

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Lyrics & Music by Rodger Pegues
Album: The Historicity of Rodger Pegues

The Historicity of Rodger Pegues

'Same People' is a musical herald for international peace and justice....

I've faced my fears and walked away
A new creature in circumstance
to all the visions wrapped inside -my head
Like Sunday news or World War 3
my patience growin' thin
why should I let you in
I'm gonna live for ever..

Oh, curtain calls -a hit parade
the shock and awe from black to fade
the dying ones, mass suicide
why can't they realize..
we're all one and the same
the same –people..

Rip & torn a child born
into the world, not boy or girl
but child God
A victim of his fathers sin
his mothers dance and missed romance
but through it
We're all one and the same,
the same people...

So here we are
on Judgment Day
the reckoning
a price to pay
my history
throughout all time
just who I am
a soul or mind
just who we are
a truth or lie
the powers say
don't question why
my brothers say
why give a damn
let them kill that other man
but higher love says question why
I can't just let my brother die
'cuz in that wheel
we're all a spoke
it's all too real
life's not a joke
the dice don't roll the best of me
we've each all got destiny
that says more than don't mess wit me
look pass the flesh and you'll see
'cuz We're all one and the same..
The Same People !

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