The Christmas Truce

Ryan Harvey
Language: English

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Christmas Truce

Album “Ordinary Heroes”‎
Nel progetto collettivo chiamato “Riot Folk”‎


Inspired by the true story of the 1914 Christmas Truce, when the men 3 opposing armies put down ‎their weapons for days on the Eastern front of World War One until high commanders found out ‎and ordered them to other units.‎

A proposito della “tregua di Natale del 1914” si vedano anche Truce, Christmas In The Trenches e Mike Harding: Christmas 1914
You don't fight, we won't fight
We can sleep in peace this Christmas night
The war is over by the troops decree
It's a dead-end fight and we all agree
But what are we gonna do come the morning light?

You don't fight, we won't fight
We can meet half way on the bloody ice
Comradely bond with no arms drawn
I'm wondering who's side we're on
I got a flask of something strong and I'm sharing it with friends tonight

You don't fight, we won't fight
We can bury our dead, honor them right
I'll pray for you, and you'll pay for me
And we'll re-define bravery
I'm strong and proud but I don't wanna die tonight

You don't fight, we won't fight
I've got half your men right in my sights
But I've seen your lives and I've seen your dead
So I'm firing well above your heads
The world's gone mad but I ain't gonna take a life

You don't fight, we won't fight
Will this courage last past Christmas night?
And what will they say in hundred years?
When they look back on what happened here?
What are we gonna do come the morning light?‎

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