Civil Disobedience

Funk Vigilante
Language: English

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Album: Civil Disobedience

Funk Vigilante Live
Is everybody ready?

Stand Up.

Forget everything you think you know
Right now
Just let it go...

Get ready to follow me now
on this funky free flow
Cause the banks got the power but their money is fake

These politicians picking my pockets
then they lie to my face
They're selling me wars
Selling me lies
Selling me genocide
In the name of the cross
wrapped up in the flag

They're selling me lie after lie
ain't no use denying it
But this time we ain't buying it

We ain't buying it

People ignorant, apathetic and compliant
And this is how we allow the corruption, the violence
Our silence divides us but united we defy
So who will stand, who will fight, who will testify?

Time to stand up
Not just to stand up

Stand up because it's right

Now maybe you can fool some of the people
at least some of the time
but you can never fool all of the people all of the time

And my mama didn't raise no fool
So I am gonna stand up tall
Yeah, I will testify

Newsman, newsman
Quit lying to me
Talking nothing but constant propaganda on your t.v. screen
You don't scare me
I ain't believing your lies
No I will stand
I will fight
I will testify

Stand up
Not just to stand up
Stand up because it's right

And when we stand up they can't with withstand us
Stand up because it's right

Stand up

We're getting bigger, getting harder the farther we go
We're getting stronger, getting faster the more that we know

Antagonize us and divide us and they take control
They try to buy me with the lies
but I won't sell my soul

You'll never slow me down, no you can't stop us now
Vigilante standing up
We ain't backing down

Know that this is real
Know that this is right
Know that you can't take a fucking rebel down without a fight

This is the defiance
This is the resistance
This is why I practice civil disobedience

Civil Disobedience

2012/1/9 - 22:53

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