Just Come Home (Holy Land)

Funk Vigilante
Language: English

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Album: Civil Disobedience

Funk Vigilante
Bring the soldiers home
To their mothers and their fathers
To their sisters and their brothers
To their sons end their daughters
To their friends
And their lovers

Let's not pretend this is something other than
Another rich man's war
Just like every one before

Just like all the reasons why
are always fucking lies
Did you really believe
that it would be different this time?

Another mother cries
while another one of my brothers bleeds
Didn't you know there's no such thing
as dying to be free,

No, you didn't die for me
Because when you give your life for war
You always die for some Asshole
that ain't worth dying for

So let's leave this middle eastern holy land
Bring the soldiers home
to their fathers
And their mothers
to their brothers and their sons
to their sisters and their daughters
to their lovers and their friends
cause these wars don't ever end
and by the time they're done
there'll be no liberty left to defend

Cause freedom doesn't come
out of the barrel of a gun
and neither does democracy
but slavery does

It ain't us against them
No. this is a war waged on us
And everything that we believe
and all the people that we love

And the bigger the lie
the more likely we'll believe it
because those who don't know history
will be doomed to repeat it

Let's just leave this middle eastern holy land

Just come home.

2012/1/9 - 22:50

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