W.M.D. (Weapons of Mass Destruction)

Ed & Lisa Zurick
Language: English

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Lyrics & Music by Edward Zurick
Album: War & Peace
Ed and Lisa Zurick

"The Iraq & Afghan war... the soldiers behind the scenes of implementing it! This was my vision of flying a B-52 over the Mid-East. Although the USA pointed fingers at Iraq for having WMD. We used WMD to destroy them! That is the jest of this song.."
Feel the roar of the plane on the dark runway
We do a Comm-check and get the towers OK
As we take off, - high up in the sky.

Flying over land for six hours long
At fifty thousand feet Zep is playing a song
Somewhere, -over the Mid East.

Looking out the window at the never ending sky
With a twist of a few knobs and we go into a dive
As the bottom doors – of the plane are opening.

We wait for the clearance and let the cluster bombs fly
A flying nightmare in the midnight sky
A target - we can not see...

D E Bm (pound) A B52 Bomber Stealth!
D E Fifty K High in the Sky
D E A Bombardiere


The bombs are dropped electronic visual display
A faceless target and a slight delay
They hit! – Mass destruction!

The huge bird turns 90 at thirty thousand feet
We make radio contact, mission complete
Were used in, – violence and death.

The enemy on the ground knows were high in the air
They cant place a trace, with our smiles with a dare
We head back – to the runway.

The night of the sky falls once again
We turn and loop around over head
Of the long lights – of the runway..

D E Bm (pound) A B52 Bomber Stealth!
D E Fifty K High in the sky
D E A bombardiere...


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