Da Capo

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(Emilíana Torrini Daviðsdóttir)

Testo/Lyrics/Texti: Höskuldur
Musica/Music/Lag: Höskuldur
Album: Spoon


Questa canzone, curiosamente dal titolo italiano (ma l'espressione "da capo" si usa anche in inglese), proviene dal primo e unico album della band degli Spoon di cui faceva parte anche Emilíana Torrini che però non canta in questo brano ma in altri dello stesso album. [CCG/AWS Staff].
I'm looking into the stories of war
suffering nations I see
crippled heroes fight like before
to create history

That's the story that we have seen
it hasn't taught us anything

Victims of war, they tell us the same
They can't forget all the pain
war is fought, it's a few mens game
they are the only who gain

That's the story that we have seen
it hasn't taught us anything

Wars have been fought for centuries
it ain't no use to cry for peace
lifes are lost and it's a shame
we only got ourself to blame

It doesn't matter if we make a stand
this will remain just the same
millions go, we all know where they'll end
in a grave with no name

that's the story...

Contributed by Riccardo Venturi - 2011/12/12 - 19:46

Questa canzone non è cantata da Emiliana Torrini (come ci si può accorgere ascoltandola...) ma da un uomo, il cantante Höskuldur Ö. Lárusson. Emiliana Torrini canta in altre tracce dello stesso album. Mi sa che andrebbe riattribuita.

Lorenzo - 2023/1/23 - 22:13

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