Siegfried Sassoon
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Poesia pubblicata sul settimanale The Spectator nel novembre del 1934 e poi inclusa nella raccolta ‎intitolata “Vigils” del 1935.‎
Musica del compositore americano ‎‎Leland C. Smith (1925-vivente?) da ‎‎“Three Pacifist Songs” del 1951.‎
Testo trovato su The Lied, Art Song ‎and Choral Texts Archive.‎

Derision from the dead
Mocks armamental madness.
Redeem (each Ruler said)
Mankind. Men died to do it.
And some with glorying gladness
Bore arms for earth and bled:
But most went glumly through it
Dumbly doomed to rue it.‎

The darkness of their dying
Grows one with War recorded;
Whose swindled ghosts are crying
From shell-holes in the past,
Our deeds with lies were lauded,
Our bones with wrongs rewarded.
Dream voices these—denying
Dud laurels to the last.‎

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