Systematic Execution

Malevolent Creation
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Album: Retribution
Rounded up, headed in, innocence served
Tortured various phases, in witness of family you die
Hot steel prods into your eyes
Executioner nods, optics spew
Tanks roll forward claiming lives
Focus of death, nothing new
Innocent families left to die
Soldiers murder, God defied
Iron fist falls heavy with lust
Systematic execution
Playing God with his thoughts
No retribution
Forever the souls will haunt
Systematic execution
Military machines, steel wrapped with hate

Death from above, precision bombing translates final acts
Engines whine, tear through the night
Weary low morale, caught up in the sights
Soldiers march, take your land
Resistance end in slaughter
Dying screams clutter the sands
Echoing sounds, chaotic laughter
The sun is killed, behind a blackened sky
The son is killed, a father watches him die
Systematic execution
Playing God with his thoughts
No retribution
Forever the souls will haunt
Wings of death carry your carcass into the realms of terror
Crushed beneath the wheels of war
Doctrine of greed violently implored

Contributed by anonymous - 2011/11/4 - 21:06

Un brano di death metal nella sua variante "brutal", che personalmente definirei piuttosto "brutta" e basta (ma purtoppo c'รจ a chi ci piace...)

Dal punto di vista testuale, non si tratta di CCG ma di una semplice descrizione, gelida e brutale (per l'appunto) di una qualsiasi guerra moderna.

Puro voyeurismo metallico. Inutile e penosa e fastidiosa.

L'ennesima cagata contribuita dal nostro anonymous.

Bernart Bartleby - 2016/5/22 - 22:48

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