Julie Driscoll
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Album “Streetnoise” inciso da “Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger and the Trinity”.
Testo piuttosto incerto trovato qui e risistemato all’ascolto, come ne sono stato capace (vedi i punti interrogativi).

Praga, agosto 1968, fotografia di Josef Koudelka
Praga, agosto 1968, fotografia di Josef Koudelka
Many people I know with no where to go,
you know they're lonely
but many people have died feeling hung up inside,
but don't think they're phony
cuz they're only trying to stop you from dying,
locked behind your own bars
maybe, you'll see, how good it would be
to feel free

Don't close your eyes and put on your disguise
someones gonna suspect you (?)
there's things around bring you down
and they disgust you
so recognize the hidden lies that surround you
and maybe, you'll see, how good it would be
to feel free

To feel free
To feel free

August '68
it was dark and it was late
A.M. 24
was the first but there were more
fighters in close formation
ready for the invasion

I remember going to a country where people were warm.
people were ready for changes



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