We Are No Man

The Brandos
Language: English

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(C. Funk, D. Kincaid)
We live in the hills travel at night
Invisible lives in the visible light
You might hear a sound with the fall of the sun
It's the beat of a heart the pound of a drum

We are here, we are No Man
Disappeared, we are No Man
Turned away, in our own lands
We are here
We'll never go away

Some men are kings and some work the mines
A few have it all get more all the time
They come with a gift and then with a gun
You learn how to serve or learn how to run

All over the world we live in the hills
Move in the wastelands the deserts are filled
We are the shadows that won't go away
The ghosts of the past the future someday

Contributed by Daniele Pendezzini - 2011/5/30 - 18:14

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