Test Ban Treaty

Laura Monagan
Language: English

Great Peace March

"Test Ban Treaty" was one of many songs that came out of the Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament, the 3,000-mile walk that started in Los Angeles and ended nine months later in Washington, DC. Five hundred people weathered bankruptcy, hypothermia, and daily walks of up to twenty-plus miles to bring a message of nuclear disarmament to a country in the throes of a dangerous nuclear arms race. The song was written one windy night when the authors were slicing watermelon for the next morning's breakfast. The wind knocked the generator out, and Monagan and Davis started singing a gutsy blues tune. A few minutes later, "Test Ban Treaty" was complete. This and Monagan's other songs are available for free at:

A Strange Place Called Home: My Walk Across America on the Great Peace March by Laura Monagan
Written in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Great Peace March, Monagan brings together a riveting narrative based on the journal she kept at the time, dozens of photographs, and the original folk songs she wrote while walking across America. Her account affirms that the Great Peace March was one of the most important grassroots movements in the history of the nuclear disarmament movement. To allow universal free access, the author offers her memoir online at:
I want a test ban treaty under my tree,
I want a test ban treaty, give it to me (x2)
I don’t want no hat or high heeled shoes,
I want a gift that will make the evening news;
I don’t want no diamonds or LTD,
I want a test ban treaty under my tree.
I want a test ban, I want a test ban

I don’t want no wrappin’, ribbon or bow,
I want the only thing sweeter than mistletoe
Give it to the country, give it to me,
Give it to the world and set us free (with a…)

Test ban, you know we really need a test ban
I want my stocking stuffed with somethin’ legit,
And a test ban treaty, well I know it would fit;
I like my chestnuts roasting by an open fire,
Well that’s quite nice, but my one desire
Is for a test ban, you know I really want a test ban
Listen to me, Santa, I’m talkin’ to you,
And there’s just one thing that I want you to do;
When you come dancin’ on my chimney top,
I wanna hear you say, “This testin’s gotta stop,”
With a test ban, you know we gotta have a test ban
We really need a test ban, we really want a test ban.

Contributed by Laura Monagan - 2011/4/5 - 06:03

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