Fire in the Sky

Mark Ellis
Language: English

Music & Lyrics By Mark Ellis
Album: Beyond The Blue

"An anti war song, written from the perspective of a young man having to leave his family to go to war, to fight, and even possibly be killed, walking away to an uncertain future. A dilemma the majority of us will never have to face. And I for one ho.."
Well we didn't sleep easy in our beds tonight,
As we listened to the sound of marching feet.
As the men folk walk away, and wave goodbye,
To their wives and children, and I can hear,
The echoes of the weeping from the street..

Now I'm a man of peace, and I don't want to go to war,
But I'll fight for freedom, to protect my family..
I don't understand what they hate us so much for,
But one thing I know, I'm damned if I, will just stand by,
And watch them take away our liberty..

There's a fire in the sky,
We look up as overhead, the giant birds of war go flying by.
There's a fire in the sky,
flames on the horizon,
And towers of black smoke are rising high.

And the thing we feared the most,
the invasion's started on the coast,
And now's the time that I must play my part..
And who knows if I'll return,
and will the human race ever learn,
That lust and greed and violence,
will only kill the love in their own heart.


Now from the distance comes a deep and rumbling sound,
And it fills the air, like a giant thunder storm.
And as I march away, it's that direction that I'm bound,
And I'm scared to die -and I'm wondering why,
The way of peace, seems never to be found..

There's a fire in the sky,
We look up, as overhead,
The giant birds of war go flying by..
There's a fire in the sky
Flames on the horizon,
And towers of black smoke are rising high..

There's a fire in the sky..

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