(Un)Holy War

Language: English

Lyrics & Music by David R. Pankoski
Album: Live From The Loft

"Holy War? ..BS!"
Another unholy war.. being fought over there.
It should matter to you.. do you really care?
Stop to ponder, our nations fate.
They did nothing – and now it's too late..

Got you concerned, you don't wanna fly.
Worry to death, that you're gonna die.
Give up your rights, easy as they please.
Stop this unholy war, dreaded disease..
Give up your freedoms – without a fight.
Steal you away – middle of the night.

They treat our constitution like a junked rag.
But you do jail time for burning a flag.
They send our youth over there to die.
But where are they when the mothers' cry.
Sons & Daughters sacrificed for nought.
Are the lost lives and blood worth what we got?

Don't dare complain hold back your protest.
How dare you question the self-appointed best.
Do they speak for you or listen to me.
Keep believing this illusion that you're free.
Your vote is a joke – a mere formality.
Keep believing the illusion – that were free.

Terror strikes fear in the hearts of all
And then soon our liberties fall
Terror strikes fear in the hearts of men
Lockdown lockup just who is your friend
..Terror strikes fear and we give them the power.
Now losing control hour by hour.

Try to label this evil, don't be a fool.
Those in control don't play by the rules.
The control once seized never to return.
The laws of the land - in a blaze they burn.
Fueled by an unholy mix -of blood and oil.
Unholy war an excuse for the rich's spoil.

Another unholy war being fought over there.
It should matter to you do you really care.
Stop to ponder, our nations fate.
They did nothing, and now it's too late.

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