Let Us Go

Mary Boyoi
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Let Us Go

"This is the song I've composed for the Sudanese Referendum that is to take place in January of 2011. I truly hope you enjoy. Feel free to comment and give me feedback, I would really be interested to hear what people have to say.."
When this war started -South Sudan was so young
North look at us as children
They didn't even bother to listen
to what we have to say
When we grown up a few years ago
We saw Unity not attractive
That is why we say let us go..

{Let us go, go, go –go We will make it
Let us go, go, go, go We will make it
Leave us a.-a.-a -alone We will make it
Leave us a.-a.-a -alone We will make it }

Oh my God come and help
South Sudan akoon dahla
Horia ma balgo saakid
balgo fi dam gabil kide kan dafick
achan kide taal sowit, sowit, sowit..


Can you hear you the trumpet calling? –Everyone march on
steadfastly determination closer to the mount top
It is not time to guess and wonder... ah hah
you vote your voice you need your future ... ah hah

Put an end to sorrow that have clouded our lives now
Sudan my home I give my vote my help to be much stronger
I can see referendum coming ah hah
My vote, my voice, and I will give it ah hah


Contributed by giorgio - 2010/12/6 - 12:52

Language: English

English translation of the Juba Arabic part
South Sudan to become country
Freedom you can not get free
Through the blood which was poured before
That is why you should vote, vote, vote..

Contributed by giorgio - 2010/12/6 - 13:03

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