Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman
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Album: Custer Died For Your Sins

"Still Ongoing Cultural Genocide by Christian Missionaries"
"Christian missionaries have destroyed our culture".
"Missionaries, missionaries save the souls of all your white men, we have a way of our own".
Spread the word of your religions
Convert the whole world if you can
Kill and slaughter those who oppose you
It's worth it if you save one man
Take the land to build your churches
A sin to tax the house of god
Take the child while he is supple
Spoil the mind and spare the rod.

Go and tell the savage native
That he must be Christianized
Tell him end his heathen worship
And you will make him civilized
Shove your gospel, force your values
Down his throat until he's raw
And after he is crippled
Turn your back and lock the door.

Missionaries, Missionaries – go and leave us all alone
Take your white god to your white men
We've a way of our own.

Like an ever circling vulture
You descend upon your prey
Then you pick the soul to pieces
And you watch as it decays
'Cause religion is big business
As your bank account will show
And Christ died to save all mankind
But that was long ago.

Missionaries, missionaries – go and leave us all alone
Take your white god to your white men
We've a God of our own.

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