The Fall of Saigon

Miss Saigon
Language: English

[An officer]
Sorry, Sergeant, we must accelerate
State Department says we evacuate
The word is, we must be out
By dawn

I have to get my girl!

[Another officer]
Sorry, Sergeant, it's straight from Washington
No one leaves the grounds now, not
As fast as we load the planes
We're gone

But my girl is in there

(A huge crowd is pushing the Embassy gates.)

[A Marine Captain]
(to the crowd)

Okay! Keep quiet! Don't shout!
The Ambassador won't leave till
Everyone's out
The chopper's on their way there's
Room for all of you

[Another Marine]
They're climbing over the wall!

[More Marines]
Get back! Tell you don't shout!
The Ambassador won't leave till
Everyone's out

[A Marine]

The Ambassador just sent an order to

[The Marine Captain]
That's it! No more Vietnamese!
Get in!

But my girl's out there!

I'm the wife of a soldier
Oh please let me through
Help me, who must I pay?
Tell me what I must do

(To an Officer)

Let me out, I got to
Go back for my bride

Listen someone! My husband
is waiting inside

(telephoning, inside the Embassy yard)

Please Kim, hear the phone!
I can't get there
Please be home


Please Chris, no one sees!
I am lost here
Find me please!

Please get me through - I don't care
Don't take my love away, Not now!

Oh Chris,

Oh Kim,

I can't get free

Please get free

Still I'm with you I am with you
Wait for Wait for me

[The Marine Captain]
(to Chris)

Sorry Sergent, inside the Embassy!
We are pulling out now and there will
No more reprieves

I got till the old man leaves

[One Vietnamese]
Take me with you!
Take my children!

I have a letter from...!

I helped the C.I.A.!

They'll kill who they find here!
Don't leave us behind here!

[A Vietnamese]
I have a wife who left already

I've an aunt in New York!

I have gold, I can pay!

There is no one to find here!
They have left us behind here!

I must get in there - Listen, anyone!
Please tell my husband...look, I have
his gun!

[A Vietnamese]
Out of my way, if that's all you've got

If I'm here when they come, I'll be shot!

Let me go John,
I can't leave her
Why in the world should I be saved
Instead of her?

They'll kill who they find here
Don't leave us behind here!

It's not you
It's war that's cruel
And if some dreams get smashed
Perhaps it's best they were

[Crowd and Kim]
There is no one to find here!
They have left us behind here!

Wake up, my friend
Your mercy trip has failed
There's nothing you can do.
That ship has sailed
She's not the only one we'll have

Get to the roof, or else we are betrayed1

Oh Chris-
I still believe!
The heart of you
Is here with me
My heart, against all odds,
Holds Still

Contributed by Jason Voorhes - 2010/11/24 - 05:57

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