Blessed Are the Land-Mines

Brave Saint Saturn
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(Brave Saint Saturn)

Lyrics by Reese Roper
Music by Andrew Verdecchio
Album: Anti-Meridian
Anti Meridian
Blessed are the land-mines
Stretched across the desert floor,
God bless the hands that formed them
Filled their shrapnel hearts with war
May You bless the companies
The goose that laid the golden egg
May they make a million more
Blowing off a million legs..

Blessed are the black-tongued ravens
Substituting fear for reason
To hate war is to hate us
If you love peace, then you must love treason..

Beat your plowshares into swords
Beat your pulpits, turn your tables
Blessed are the hand-grenades
Bless the church who rattles sabers!

This house – is burning
This poison still is worming
This temple, will cave in
There's nothing here worth saving

Nail the gold up to the altar
Like Ahab taunts his crew to war..
Blessed are the shareholders
Lack of faith is for the poor

Hold your wallets to the sky
A temple built to sooth yourself
Blessed is the church who tries
To help you build blessed wealth

This house is burning
This poison still is worming
This temple will cave in
There's nothing here worth saving..

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