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Lyrics and Music by Haight Ashbury
Album: Give Peace A Chance

"No, it's not Dylan… Anyone who's ever been in the military, or knows anyone that was ever in the military will love this song!"
How would it feel to be a rolling stone
without the rock and roll in it all alone
on a park bench wishing for a warm bed
pinching yourself this has got to be a nightmare instead -of a reality
I'm to proud to be in a position like this
I wouldn't allow it but apparently I did (shit)
where did I go wrong, or was it even my doing
'cause the only addictions I've ever had are sex and Mary Jane,
and neither one of those were ruining my life -or anything in it
I was a fully fuctionable member of society living -a normal life
I just had bigger dreams then most and exercised
my right to freedom of speech more so then others
more bold then anyone else you ever heard
using encouraging words for power
power to the people (to the people)..
power to the people (to the people)..

It's the people that I do this for
the ones that go to war
and come right back to living life poor -ignore
it all you want, that doesn't stop it from happening
it's baffling to me, I just don't get it, but actually
when you think about it it's like everything else
those in power'll use it to make others do what they cant themselves
I refused to be controlled in this so called land of the free
and in return lost everything. Don't judge me, you don't know
how it feels....

So like a rolling stone, I'm just rolling along the road
headed in no particular direction, no home
to go to – reflecting back on my decisions
now, I don't know if I'd change much
the pain just goes numb after awhile anyways,
you'd be surprised what u can get used to, no pity,
cause hey beautiful days
I've seen, and I choose to store those in my memory bank
content to be frank
pretty sure that's what got me here in
the 1st place ain't it (that's an understatement)
says my only friend
strange how his voice always seems like it's coming from
within (don't pretend) what (that you don't know who I am)
your the only one that stuck with me
through the nightmares (you mean night terrors)
yes I do, and you were right there
helping me deal with the fact they were real
still haven't felt the honor or pride they said I would
feel wondering what's the deal
cant even cope without a drink so suddenly
liquor is no longer 2ndary to bills
or anything else for that matter
success after going through what we went through
would require a 24
7 pastor confessions regretting
making it impossible for progression
at least for me, I got family somewhere
but they're better off without me in their life
to bad I want them in mine, you don't know
how it feels...

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