Sorry, Sir

Jesse Davis
Language: English

Lyrics & Music by Jesse Davis
Album: And Thus The
You place a gun in my hand, and think it makes me a man
Nothing scans through my mind except your grand master plan
So my message to the locals- is to hoot and to holler
Don't let your life be run by the slave master dollar
Open your mouth for once in your life you can be heard if you try
I 've seen it work you can make them stop you can fly
So put the pen to the paper and write your reps
Nothing can keep you from the grand white's steps
Of the capital and Washington and the imperial plaza
You can make them bow down create a tabula rasa..
You have the power to use a slogan that's already owned
Satyagraha Ya Basta for the people already gone
No power like the people cause the people don't spoil
The blood damn Ashcroft now we see you uncoil
We will overcome you and all others like you we will win
You can try you wont succeed you fall once we begin..

I see the sign comin' up over the hills
So I'm sorry, sir, but your prophesy can't be fulfilled
I used to think we had no chance I bought
Their lies and deceit about chance I thought.
This until I met a man who was defeated
They thought they killed him but his spirit still beat
I did but no more they seem to have settled their score
With me and my cronies in their dirty little wars
And me and my chance is done but not you or yours
I desire to help you learn not to abhor
Them for their lies take them as metaphors
There is a lesson in the end of all the closed door
No longer can I see the mighty Minotaur
Who has a chest of green lawns and horns of Cuban whores
So take the pen or the train or the bus or run
I can't anymore my chance is done…

Judgment day is comin' up over the hill
So I'm sorry, sir, no line of cops outside of the mill
Bourgeoisie does the congress while the proles die in the street
Of Vienna doing waltzes at the hands of the élite
It's either us or them -and I ain't got no tuxedo
I don't want the right I want equality that's my credo
Not for me cause I got it but where's it from or been
My XY chromosome and the color of my skin
We need to start a revolution for all eyes to see
Fight the foolish power like they did in Montgomery
Seattle LA Washington DC
We need to start the revolution but we need to be witty
Our forefathers botched it we cant do it economic
No violence fight the class war we'll be diatomic
Everyone has a stake your all forced to abstain
Rise proletariat you have nothing to lose but your chains...

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