Free Iraq!!

Disciples of Wilayah
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Songwriters: Disciples of Wilayah

A reflection of The occupation of Iraq by the Imperialistic Power of the world.

"Current events, The opression of my muslim brothers in Iraq, My love for Peace and Justice"
Bombs are falling,
Children are dying,
Blood is splattering,
Baghdad is crying,
American Troops are firing,
People are shouting,
Old People are praying,
Muslims are protesting,
American media is lying -saying American soldiers are protecting,
The truth is Bush wanted to make history,
Like Adolph Hitler, feeding off of misery
Killing innocent people,
To get the oil,
And make its country's economy better,
Now we should get together,
Fight the devil

Who tortures its victims in prison
'Giving them food which is against their religion,
Converting the prisoner of war's faith to make it all even,
Where is the media who talks about The Geneva Convention'
Killing Muslim scholars,
To prevent an Islamic Revolution,
Like Imam Khomenei did in Iran,
Making it an Islamic Nation,

Christian missionaries are in Iraq,
Brain washing Muslims it needs to stop
Fallujah under fire attacking civilians
Chaos in the streets the killing of innocents
American public is ignorant to the doings of the government
Damn republicans have the impression
That Jesus is behind Bush's re-election!

Free Fallujah,
Free Baghdad,
Free Iraq!!

The citizens of Iraq have grown so used to belligerence,
so many victims of so many horrible incidents;
we can't even bare to see the mere televised images.
Imagine witnessing it,
little kids blown to bits,
and it's sick that they think it's a coincidence
When Bush calls it a Crusade against terrorism,
Bush the strict catholic Christian dropping missiles on Muslims!!
But he isn't even a real catholic. Believe me he isn't!!
'Cause the pope told him: – No Iraq war – and He didn't listen.
He also admonished him for the atrocities in the Abughoraib prison.
Americans soldiers raiding Najaf
better expect a reaction,
that's like me with an AK spraying the Vatican,
Ayatollah Sistani may he have God's protection,
defused the situation.
With his support and blessing the Shia won the elections,
like my Leader Syed Khamenei statement,
'I advise the brothers and sisters in Iraq to maintain their unity and national determination'
I say: - 'End the Repression,
end the occupation!!! '

Contributed by giorgio - 2010/7/22 - 08:29

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