Wash Up Over Me

Ethan Miller & Kate Boverman
Language: English

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Lyrics & Music by Ethan Miller and Kate Boverman
Album: If All The Land Would Rise


A song of asking: for strength, for hope, for compassion, for solidarity

"To sustain our struggles, we need nourishment not only from each other, but from the larger powers of creation of which we are a part. These are not the divine forces invented by the theologies of empires, those forces that are said to rule over us and demand our subordination and servitude. Rather, these are the divine powers of earthly creation in which we collectively participate, but which always exceed us with their mystery and force. These are the sources of power that give birth to life, dignity, joy, freedom and autonomy-with-solidarity, the fountains of hope. Whether in our weakness, our humble strength or our awe, we must sometimes fall to the earth and ask for this nourishment. It is not a giving-up of our own power, of our own ability to make history, but rather an acknowledgement that our ability to struggle, to create and to dream comes from a web of power that is as large as life itself".
May the clear stream of compassion
Flow and set us free
Wash up over me...

May the tide of liberation
Rise up from the sea
Wash up over me...

May the power of creation
Bring me to my knees
Wash up over me..

May the raging fire of passion
Burning jubilee
Wash up over me..

May the mighty winds of freedom
Blowing through the trees
Wash up over me.

May the torrent of our anger
Water seeds of dignity
Wash up over me.

We are rising now together
With solidarity
Wash up over me,
Wash up over me,
Wash up over me...

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