America the Beautiful

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Lyrics & Music by Joe Keithley
First Album: Rat Music For Rat People

"Welcome to America, Home of the brave and Land of Free..."

Lock your doors, lock it tight
It's the new immoral right
They wanna cleanse the home of the brave
For the master race of the U.S.A.

It's so beautiful.. on the street
You won't know them
Like a pack of wolves
In sheeps' clothing, spreading wide.
Spreading far -not just another false alarm!

It's so beautiful...

(America) I got my bible
(America) I got my handgun
(America) Now I'm ready!

(America) It's Home of the brave
(America) And home of the slaves..

Now I'm ready..
but are you?

(America) Home of the brave
Spreading far..

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