I Don't Want To Join The Army

Language: English

Un'altra canzoncina popolare inglese (anzi, tipicamente londinese, con tanto di deciso accento "Cockney"...) in cui lo...spirito antibellico del protagonista sembra essere assai individualista: chiamate chi volete a fare la guerra, basta che non chiamiate me...

I don't want to join the army
I don't want to go to war.
I would rather hang around
Picadilly's underground
A'livin off the earnings of a 'igh born lady

I don't want a bullet in me backside,
I don't want me buttocks(*) shot away.
I would rather stay in Lunnon,
Jolly, jolly Lunnon
And fornicate me bloomin' life away, Gor Blimey

Call out the Army and the Navy
Call out the rank and file.
Call out the brave Territorials
They face danger with a smile!
Call out the King's Militia
They kept England free!
Call out me brother
Me father or me mother
But for Gawd's sake don't call me.

(*) Var: arsehole

Contributed by Riccardo Venturi - 2005/11/21 - 20:45

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