The President Can't Be Reached

Robert Alcott A/K/A Lavery
Language: English


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Something's cookin’ in the kitchen
Someone's gonna have a feast
People gonna get real hungry
Just when they expect it least
Stick your head out side the window
And face up to the facts
Outside there’s a cold wind blowin’
And it’s coming through the cracks
No matter who you talk to
People say he oughta be impeached
All I knows the President can’t be reached

Started with a whisper bad news all over town
It’s a funny situation. You know there’s something goin’ down

Guess he could be busy talking
Writing a state of the union speech
All I know is the President can’t be reached.

People say they gotta lotta questions
The telephone is ringing off the wall
The white House says it welcomes your suggestions
How come it seems no body’s ever home

‘Could be taking care of business
Maybe his busy making out
He could be talking on the Hot Line
Sowing seeds of doubt
He could be hiding in a hallway
‘Could be lying on a beach
All I know is the President can’t be reached

Contributed by Robert Alcott aka Robert Alcock/Boots/Lavery - 2005/10/1 - 04:23

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