No War No Way

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its easy to guess what im about to say
now this fucking war is fully underway
aint it just a little bit funny
how they started a war over oil and money
orrrr yeah no point in pretending
its not the iraqis theyre defending
no prises if you can prove
theyre only there for the crude
some tiptop media amnesia
lets give the nearest clock a seizure
turn it back no guessin
its time for a history lesson

1979 in iran
people were angry they couldnt keep calm
their leader sucked, the solution
get rid of the shah, time for revolution
i dont think so said the USA
the shahs our mate hes ok
so what did america do?
give 2 billion bucks straight to who?
the guys name saddam hussain
yeah i know it sounds insane
they gave him every weapon around
this hypocrisy abounds because they were best mates
till he invaded kuwait
so lets set the story straight
hes a terrorist but what for?
not doing americas dirty work anymore

no war no way
not tomorrow not today
no war no way
we didnt even get a say
no war no way
not for oil not today
no war no way
did anybody hear us say

coalition of the willing off to do the killing
the whole time george bush is chilling
he knows how to get ahead
secure the oil fields get some rest in bed
do some occupation of a soverign nation
then get paid to fix all the devastation
youve caused how bout some applause
for breaking all those international laws
that you helped to make for goodness sake
can this media war get any more fake?
CNN NBC propaganda
id rather shave my face with a sander
than listen to all the sanctioned lies
from the country i most despise

oil for food did i mention
havnt you heard of the geneva convention?
these people need aid
and all because america displayed
no brains no common sense
their leader so very dense
and as for tommy franks
go home with you tanks
this wars not wanted this wars not needed
its time america conceded
that theyre not all that great
and theirs is the fascist state
democracy what a facade
when one single persons in chage
and our troops before we send them
next time how about a referendum!

2005/9/27 - 23:50

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