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Man of the Whole Wide World
(Art Samuels and the Montréal Youth Singers)
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(Art Samuels and the Montréal Youth Singers)

Album “Man of the Whole Wide World”, Folkways Records


“An ideal is something to dream about, until it becomes a practical necessity for survival. Then it
calls, not for dreamers, but for planners. In this age of shrinking distances and long-range missiles,
even hard-headed ultra-nationalists must be beginning to realize that the choice is boiling down to co-existence or no-existence. Projected logically, then, it would seem that this could lead to a world
federation of states -- or, in the simpler term, one world.”
You may talk of a world that’s divided,
You may say that it always must be,
But in millions of hearts there’s a yearning,
For a world we may yet live to see…

One world, born of all nations,
One world someday there’ll be,
One world, free of oppression,
Waiting for you and for me.

Though I cannot cross all the oceans,
Some lands seem remote as the stars,
There’s pleasure enough in just knowing
The hands of friendship reach far.

I dreamed of a great golden river
That flowed into far distant shores,
It melted the boundaries of nations
And made them one evermore.

The shackles of slavery are bursting,
The yoke of oppression must cease,
The birth of a new age is dawning,
Bright with the promise of peace.

Don’t ask for a world that is perfect,
For such fervent dreams may not be,
Just help build a world that is better,
Where people can live and be free.

Contributed by Alessandro - 2010/3/11 - 14:14

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