It Better End Soon

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(Robert Lamm-Terry Kath)

Political awareness was affecting middle of the road bands too. Chicago a.k.a. Chicago Transit Authority began delving into politics as well. In their 1st LP released in 1969, the band included chants from demonstrators outside the 1968 Democratic Convention. In the 1970 LP Chicago II Robert Lamm penned a song titled It Better End Soon about the kinds of questions the youth of America were asking and specifically about the Vietnam War.

Robert Lamm: 'I think just being alive in those times and watching that conflict in asia unfold on television daily because lord knows we all sat around and watched a lot of television, then the culture shock of moving from chicago to california. and then the alternative press, the L.A. Free Press, was very much into the hot topic of revolution. It seemed that the generation of which i was a member and the generation which was peopling the new bands had a connection, and so it seemed natural to give voice to some of the thinking. my opinions and those of some of my contemporaries felt really real, and also it felt like it was right, it was right that a lot of bands at the time were giving voice to the idea of the average person having a certain amount of power, and power maybe enough to stand up to the policies of the government and protest the war.'

The LP itself included a dedication of political consciousness:

With this album we dedicate ourselves, our futures and our energies to the people of the revolution...And the revolution in all its forms.
Can't stand it no more
The people dying
Crying for help for so many years
But nobody hears
Better end soon my friend
It better end soon my friend

Can't take it no more
The people hating
Hurting their brothers
They don't understand
They can't understand
Better end soon my friend
It better end soon

Hey, everybody
Won't you just look around
Can't anybody see?
Just what's going down
Can't you take the time?
Just to feel
Just to feel what is real
If you do
Then you'll see that we got a raw deal
They're killing everybody
I wish it weren't true
They say we got to make war
Or the economy will fall
But if we don't stop
We won't be around no more
They're ruining this world
For you and me
The big heads of state
Won't let us be free
They made the rules once
But it didn't work out
Now we must try again
Before they kill us off
No more dying!
No more killing
No more dying
No more fighting
We don't want to die
No, we don't want to die
Please let's change it all
Please let's make it all
Good for the present
And better for the future
Let's just love one another
Let's show peace for each other
We can make it happen
Let's just make it happen
We can change this world
Please let's change this world
Please let's make it happen for our children
For our women
Change the world
Please make it happen
Come on
Come on
Come on
It's up to me
It's up to you
So let's do it now
Do it now

Can't stand it no more
The people cheating
Burning each other
They know it ain't right
How can it be right
Better end soon my friend
It better end soon my friend

2005/8/18 - 17:26

I love this song.

2007/12/13 - 23:37

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