Democracy (Or Lack Thereof)

Lisa Rein
Language: English

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Lyrics and Music Written and Performed by Lisa Rein.

"I wrote this song after having a conversation with a friend of mind about the crazy dichotomy that has become our existence living as Americans.
We talk about bringing democracy to the middle east, and are killing people over it, yet we work with non-democratic governments to keep democracy from the people of another country, if the price is right.
In the song, I start out with China, but I end up here at home. What kind of a democracy is so greedy its government cuts emergency relief efforts out of the budget, while spending billions of dollars overseas to kill the people of Iraq in the very name of democracy? Our current "democracy," that's what kind.
I'm not trying to pick on Google either. This is about all of us, and what we've all been tolerating, for years now, and about that horrible feeling you get when you realize that you don't live in a democracy anymore, and it doesn't seem like you can really do anything about it.
Also of note is that I recorded the vocal and guitar tracks using Audio Recorder and the built in microphone on my Mac laptop.
Although I did mix it together in protocols afterwards, I think it's a great example of how far you can get with consumer grade equipment/software these days."
China, China
Needs computers and has a bomb
They rewrite history
They need more democracy..

O-oh democracy,
Oh my democracy -
Oh, my democracy
It's been taken from me

China, China…
We owe them money
They need more democracy
But they're not gonna get it from me
'cause I'm weak and wary
in the trenches buried..
And I can't even wear a shirt
that might offend my king.

O-oh democracy,
oh - my democracy,
Oh, my democracy
it's been taken from me

O-oh democracy,
oh my democracy,
Oh, my democracy
it's been taken from me -yeah

New Orleans, New Orleans
It’s been washed squeaky clean
And you can be sure with eminent domain
That the poor won't be going home again
And you can be sure
That they'll do what's right
That they're prepared to protect you
Prepared to fight
And you can be sure
When the going gets rough
That you'll be on your own..

O-Oh democracy
oh -my democracy
Oh my democracy
It's been taken from me.

Oh democracy,
oh my democracy,
o-oh, my democracy
it's been taken from me -yeah.

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