Korporate Klimate

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Album: TruthSeeker


"Korporate Klimate" calls out the major corporations on global human exploitation.
" A strong delusion will take over the minds of men
So they will willingly believe the lie ..!! "

I know Victoria's secret,
She uses prison labor to keep it
My cousin J. don't see a penny
Uncle Sam's queen won't lend him any
Marl boroughs lights is just as heavy
A 59 cent burger that's Mc Scary,
Designer virus ironically called help
Aids to eliminate my people and their health

That space between slavery and sweatshops' the gap
Just do it air any poor place on the map
Chase 'em, cuff 'em, beat 'em, deport 'em
But our ancestor's bones pose freely in the British museum
Got milk? Got antibiotics? Got hormones?
Been double crossed by ehx xon,
Been double squared by Chevron
Ahr RCO's the cornerstone the builders rejected
I know 'cause the logo says it

Vheri son's brain tumor's on the horizon
Don't just let my brain fry
I want a singular DYI
Coors light, coors dark, cause your liver ugly
Hien a can ich nichs so fils lekker und rigly
Access my hood on holly wood
Spend a little extra, extra time on the poverty lineā€¦

What makes DeBeers diamonds bling
The dead soldiers yeah! De spirits sing
l-o-n-r-h-h-o l_n_ho that's London-Rhodesia should exist no more
Do my people got amnesia
Dis knee's writing's skilfully hiding triple six
Kids and the devil should not mix
Sn apple left the real juice in the apple
Took a bite of knowledge and sole to Microsoft
With the ring of infinity
Is that in tell or Satan inside We rebuke thee
Cover girls in liquid foundation
Give rise to a floating nation
Free from darkness by the sun disguised as a shell
So ring the liberty taco bell

Cocaine cola, Africa works for ya
Pay their HIV insurance won't ya
Eat snakes called mars in rehearsal
Please give brown M&M's candies a commercial
Stop calling your private piggy bank federal
Reserve your promise notes for promise keepers
Visa and MasterCard fools blowing up straight bragging 'bout their beamer
Yenahwah no Hitler volks wa gen sim sima..

Get real with yourself for a minute
You belong to the department of commerce check your birth certificate
You're just an object, it's your curse I belong to the queen,
I'm a subject it's just inversed Others hail to republics and regimes
All part of the same grand ugly scheme
Your labor, your taxes, your credit, all the rest
Means you make, pay for and buy their products plus interest
Then you're pressured to make foliage
Like me graduate college
Become alumni, illumni, illuminati, illuminated
Invisible government related
Wear a robe like a priest
Wear a robe like a judge
Reach a new degree to think and work for the beast
Tell all the disciples, the queen owns the copyright to the bible
Bring back the books of Jashar and Enoch
So we can be more adequate rivals
Fight fallen angels in the physical world for survival..

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