Lonely Soldier

Mike Williams
Language: English

Lonely Soldier

Un singolo di un oscuro vocalist R&B afroamericano che incideva per l'Atlantic... E' stato recentemente riproposto all'interno della compilation ""A Soldier's Sad Story - Vietnam Through The Eyes Of Black America, 1966-73" (Kent Records UK, 2003)
I'm a lonely soldier
Many miles from home
With a heart that's heavy
But with a will that's strong

Behind I left a woman
So, so dear to me
I'm off to fight a war
That they say could make me free

And I'm a lonely soldier
I'm a lonely soldier
I'm a lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely soldier
Won't somebody have mercy on me

Mike's little son, Junior
Smiling, but with sympathy
All confused he asks a question
He said "Daddy, why must this war be?"

I tried so very hard, yes I did
So very hard I tried to explain
But it seemed like all effort and trying
It all seemed to be in vain

And oh lord, tired of hearing people crying
Lord. I'm tired of seeing people dying
But I promise to wait patiently
For that sweet voice of liberty

And oh, I'm so lonely
I'm so lonely
So lonely...

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