It's Summer And The Bombs Are Fallin'

Language: English

It's summer and the bombs are fallin'
People are getting killed
And the weather is fine
Your daddy is bombing
In the name of humanism
He is well paid, baby don't you cry.
Don't you cry

Fly high, strike with thunder's might
Win without a fight
Beat the evil and savage
Kill the lice, we are the good guys
Don't apologize for collateral damage,
Don't you cry.
Don't you cry.
Don't you cry.

It's summer and your daddy is bombing
But he won't get killed;
He flies high in the sky
He stops things from doing things;
It ain't bad when these things die,
When they die
Justice is done, baby don't cry

Don't you cry, daddy is flying high
You won't be bombed by the evil and savage
Don't you cry, be the winning guy
Only losers cry for collateral damage
Don't you cry.
Don't you cry.
Don't you cry.

One of these mornings
Your daddy will return from war
He'll come to your cradle
to take you in his arms.
But until that morning, baby,
No one's going to stain you with blood
He's just doin' his job,
So don't you cry...

Daddy rides the sky like a knight
Hits with stormy might
Awes the evil and savage
It's a fair fight, we are always right
We won't be stopped by collateral damage
Don't you cry,
Don't you cry,
Don't you…

Stop these cries, we are saving lives
We are civilized
We're not evil and savage
We don't torture, we don't terrorize
We can't be stopped by collateral damage
Don't you cry, be the winning guy
We can't be stopped by…
Bye-bye… (Bye-bye…)

Contributed by giorgio - 2009/7/19 - 19:09

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