Tell Her I Was Brave

Maria Dunn
Lingua: Inglese

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Testo e musica di Maria Dunn
Arrangiamenti di Maria Dunn & The McDades
Lyrics and music by Maria Dunn
Arranged by Maria Dunn & The McDades
Album: "The Peddler"

The horrors of this bloody war, I'll take to my grave
If a young lass she should take my hand
I'll tell her I was brave, boys
I'll tell her we were brave

How could her sweet and gentle eyes comprehend the sight
Of boys turned men torn limb from limb
In devastation's light
In devastation's light

How could her soft and loving arms contemplate the feel
I dreamt of rats upon my chest
And woke to find it real, boys
I woke to find it real

How could her mind of reason even start to understand
They delivered us in broad daylight
Into the Devil's hand
Into the Devil's hand

The sorrows of their bloody war, I'll take to my grave
A much-loved son and brother lost
I wish he'd not been brave
How I wish he'd not been brave

The care upon this city's face is more than crumbled stone
If a soldier lad should make it back
I'll pretend that it's still home
We'll pretend it's still his home

The pain that's echoed through our house, how could it compare
To those whose homes are blasted
Into dust upon the air
Upon the very air

No sooner do we settle in, there's bombers overhead
And a lullaby of sirens shake
The children from their beds
The wee ones from their beds

The horrors of this bloody war, we'll take to our graves
And if the young ones they should ever ask
We'll tell them we were brave
Just tell them we were brave

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