Street (Haifa Beirut 2006)

Roy "Chicky" Arad / רועי "צ'יקי" ארד
Language: English

The consensus – its smell like a baby's corpse
The beautiful town has to be crushed and lost
Wipe down lovely girls with curls of oil
I'm a traitor, says "24 hours" [1] editor
A fifth column – suggests NRG [2] wet predator

Your deterrence is a sushi bar flaming like hell
Children staining autographs on a fresh copper shell
The second biggest bank and a trampled journal
Produce a window-car sticker "victory will be ours!"
In Haifa & Beirut at a golden dawn
a pair of balding infrastructure workers were blown

Did they receive compensations? Have tenure?
Maybe they were just affiliated from HR
Had a nose and two testicles, each
On sunny holidays, loved the beach
Both the deceased from Haifa and his mate from Beirut
Used to fish with a punctured bottle
They baited bread, the fish jumped around
In the saucepan it felt happy and sound
In a new pool that I bought for my roof,
From a haggler in the alley of Metalon
Floating among yellow rubber duckies
I feel just like Arik Sharon
"I am a liberal girl", Dana Kobalio mumbles,
"But they understand only strength and battles".
In the stupid sheets of my defeated bed
We turn around like two handles

"Soldier, there comes a time when
The nation needs sacrifice and tears",
The leader claims, examining the poll in fear
The tears – your mom's too. They will sacrifice you.
Go on, little lad, give Yatspan [3] your thanks.

[1] A daily section in an Israeli newspaper
[2] An Israeli news website
[3] Eli Yatspan - A well known Israeli TV host

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