The Living Voice Of The Dead ...

Maya Terro
Language: English

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La canzone di Maya Terro ha partecipato al Free Gaza Song Contest.
For every tear
That you weep
For every promise
They could not keep
For every child with a broken dream
For you I sing
For you I sing

For every soul
That you've ever lost
For every bullet
Their guns have shot
For every child with a broken heart
For you I sing
For you I sing

Funny how all we ever did
Was sit and stare
Funny how we never dared
To raise a finger
To raise a voice
To try and give these innocent children
A second choice
A one in a life time chance

To make them able to chose
Their own destiny
To make them able to lose
All connection to violence and brutality
To make them for once able to cut lose
From death and animosity

For every meal
They made you miss everyday
For every little word
They forbid you to say
For every child with a hushed scream
For you I sing
For you I sing

For every year
Lost in vain
For every child's smile
Erased by pain
For every child with a shattered past
For you I sing
And for you I shout
Do not fall, for you will not fail
Do not falter, for justice will eventually prevail
And only then will you rise
From under the wreck and disguise
From beneath the oceans of their lies
With a heart of steel and a held up head
You will rise; the profit once said
To show the whole world that it's not over yet
For YOU ARE the living voice of the dead!

Contributed by Alessandro - 2009/1/4 - 21:01

Ciao alessandro
I just noticed u posted my song!
Grazie mille for that

maya terro - 2012/5/17 - 14:22

Thank you, Maya, for your beautiful and deep song.
If you want, you can complete your biography in this page selecting your name from the author's list.

Alessandro aka Bartleby - 2012/5/17 - 21:06

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