The Blind Veteran

Steve Suffet
Lingua: Inglese

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Words by Steve Suffet
Tune: The Blind Fiddler (traditional)

Una canzone in cui la guerra in Vietnam e quella in Iraq s'incontrano.

Testo trovato qui.
I lost my eyes in Vietnam,
In nineteen sixty-six,
While in the Mekong Delta,
We'd gone about two clicks,
When Charlie lobbed a mortar round,
And there it sealed my doom.
I am a blind veteran,
Pennsylvania is my home.

I've been to the V.A. hospital,
Time and time again,
They operated on both my eyes,
But nothing could they gain.
They awarded me a Purple Heart,
Then left me on my own.
I am a blind veteran,
Pennsylvania is my home.

I had a son and daughter,
Depending then on me,
I did my best to raise them,
With eyes that could not see.
I did my best to teach them well,
'Til they had kids of their own,
I wish I could see my family,
When they visit me at home.

Uncle Sam and Charlie,
Are buddies nowadays.
With runaway garment factories,
That pay a starvation wage.
I may not have my eyesight,
But I can plainly see,
What that war was all about,
And the lies they told to me.

When I listen to the radio,
It's happening once again.
There may be times for fighting,
But this isn't one of them.
May God protect my grandchildren,
'Til safely they come home,
I am a blind veteran,
Pennsylvania is my home.

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