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John Hamilton
Language: English

Intro (basses only)

Do we want a break with the past? Capitalism has had its hey-day.
Shall we keep things just as they are? Rich in control while others starve?
In a world divided by class: Slaving away while the rulers rule us.
Hollywood can now play its part: Taking a partisan stance

Verse 1

In the folk songs there's a sense of right and wrong.
In the musicals the heroes have the best songs
In the fairy tales things come right in the end
And in the movies the bad guys never, bad guys never, bad guys never win.

But in real life things are different The crooks are in control.
They are free to rig the races For more power is their goal.

Verse 2

Oh where is Robin Hood to give hope to the poor.
Where's Julie Andrews to melt hearts cold to the co-ore?
And the Fairy Godmothers where are their magic wands?
In our hour of need where the hell is, where the hell is, Where the hell's James Bond?

But we know that they aren't coming. There is no magic way.
To defeat those greedy oligarchs. Shall we just sit back and pray?

Verse 3

Let's stand together counter all their lies.
What war on terror? They just want to close our eyes
to the exploitation of people and the earth.
But we can fight back won't be treated like,
Won't be treated like, won't be treated like serfs,
like serfs, like serfs, serfs, serfs
And we'll send those crooks a-packing.

Verse 4

There'll be new folk songs how we righted all those wrongs.
And brand new musicals – even the baddies can have some good songs.
Just like the fairy tales together we can win in the end.
And in the movies our children will see how
Things used to be in a world ruled by greed and fear!

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