The Times They Are Not A-changin'

Ryan Harvey
Lingua: Inglese

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Album: Other Songs (2004)

Ryan Harvey

Sung to the tune of "The Times They Are A-changin'" by Bob Dylan
Come gather round people and fall to your knees
and bow to the red white and blue m16's
if you liked the riot cops you'll love the marines
they'll be at all of your demonstrations
to beat up your bodies and tear down your dreams
for the times, they are not a-changin'

Come children and students abide by our rules
we'll send in the troops to recruit at your schools
and we'll tell you it's noble, we'll tell you it's cool
and you'll hear every word that we're saying
and there's room in the jails if the classrooms are full
for the times, they are not a-changin'

Come mothers and fathers and friends of the slain
while we exploit your loses to fund our campaigns
we brought you the war, now there's no one to blame
you best hope the new leader ain't crazy
you can vote how you want but the outcomes the same
for the times, they are not a-changin'

Come senators, congress men, don't fear a thing
they'll fall in the line behind the new king
and accept with a smile what little you bring
they'll forget all the wars you're arangin
the bullets they'll pierce and the tasers will sting
for the times, they are not a-changin'

Come presidents, dictators take what you will
these people are yours to tax and to kill
if they ever rise up there's walls you can build
the system is strong you're maintaining
just speak with a smile and lie with a skill
for the times, they are not a-changin'

The paths they are plain, the choices are clear
if things are to change, friends, it's gotta start here
and if now ain't the time i hope the times near
while there is still something left worth saving
so stand up fight back to hell with your fear
for the times, they are not a-changin'.

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