Somewhere in America

Ryan Harvey
Language: English

Somewhere in America this entire war began
Be it arms sales to Saddam Hussein or training the Taliban
The enemy is lurking right inside our walls
And it's the people making the decisions and the people making the laws
Who are to blame

Somewhere in America the terror threats are made
And with each plan that this country makes our democracy decays
And these leaders count their dollars as their war machines collide
And they smile at the ruins where 3,000 people died
They're glad it came

Somewhere in America the time is near at hand
And in some secret office the next attack is planned
And the politicians smile as the flames of war ignite
And they thank their friend Bin Laden for allowing them that right
They shake his hand

Somewhere in America a corporation folds
The workers are layed off profit goes to CEOs
And so the corporate media starts to spread the lies again
And the so-called president starts a war so we forget this ties to him
And all his plans

Somewhere in America 100,000 troops
Depart en route to Baghdad armed with DU shells and nukes
And the world watches in horror as pre-emptive strikes began
And a widow in New York City fears that planes with crash again
She cries in pain

Somewhere in America the terrorists were armed
And in some buried bunker Dick Cheney acts alarmed
Even though he sold them weapons knowing well what they were for
He promotes civilian deaths because it justifies his war
And gets him paid

Somewhere in America the facts are stashed away
What really happened that September and what they knew that day
Because we know they had a warning if not quite a few
They took advantage of the slaughter so they could slaughter too
They're power grows

Somewhere in America deep between the lines
The president is guilty of the highest form of crimes
In the marble halls in Washington I'm telling you he knew
And when his war starts losing ratings the next attack comes through
We'll lose control.

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