Call To Arms

Ryan Harvey
Language: English

It's night time in Baghdad
A mother says a prayer
A child hugs his father
The ground troops get prepared
There's a woman in the alley
She's crying to herself
Drunk from one too many gunfights
Bruised and scarred by wealth

And now the bastions of empire
Are storming through this town
See a young man resisting
Systematically gunned down
And I am watching from the distance
From behind a TV screen
At my home in America
Where everything's a dream

And while I wait for some miracle
To sweep down through the streets
I know that everything's a battle
And that battle starts with me
And so I'm making my decisions
And carving in my cares
Holding tight onto the railings
Still falling down the stairs

But in my mind there's a vision
One that can't be beaten down
Of myself as a free man
In this very town
And I'm awaiting revolution
Every second of my time
And I am proud
That I at least have the chance to rhyme

I'm 19 years inside of this
With some time still to go
And I want to make the best of it
But still I'm laying low
And these feds have got paranoid
I'm running through the hall
Dreams of flashlights and sirens
And my back against the wall

But I will fight them, for their power
Is a gunshot to my heart
And the youth
Have got to find a place to start
'cause my high school was a prison
So I rose up and dropped out
And learned myself
That's what it's all about

See we the people need to realize
That this government is scared
Because there power is defeated
As soon as we declare
That we've had too much oppression
Too much theft and pain
As the workforce of this country
Is sleeping in the rain

And this government is filling up
The world with bullet shells
True Americans
Would overthrow it themselves
the best days of our lives
We're spent running from police
Throwing tear gas over barricades
The news called us Naïve

We fought for revolution
In wind and rain and snow
Just like their heroes did
200 years ago
Still they declare that we are evil
Misguided and insane
With the population stagnant
So much has been engrained

And I'm approaching these divisions
With everything I've got
With my mind set on freedom
I'm waiting for that shot
And I am arming my comrades
With all that I can share
My words, weapons
All and all is fair

I've seen two wars already
That's just in the past two years
And I'm disregarding
All that I've been taught to fear
And so I'm standing up on two feet
With my chest held proudly high
And I will stay
Until I have to die

So let me reclaim
All that's been stolen in my days
My honor, my strength
My rebellion love and rage
And let me use it as a weapon
Against the ones who hold me down
And let their plans for power
Never be found

And I will hold the torch of freedom
With an arm that can't be bent
As the world that lives below me
Crushes through the thick cement
And flows up into the open
So I can tell what I am seeing
A world of alive
And myself, a human being.

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