Only Eighteen

The Gousters
Language: English

We was just kids
gettin' a hold on
gettin' a load on
searchin' our dreams.

We were just laughin'
at all that had happened
in our young short lives
not even begun.

It was the Sixties
nowhere to mix these
troubled emotions
that got me in jail.

No family to own me
I found myself lonely
got myself drafted
for being eighteen

I heard the judge sentence
It's Nam or detention
To the court I did mention
I was only eighteen.

In the time that I spent there
I never could dare share
the horror inside me
with the boys that I knew.

And when I did come back
There was only the dumb lack
of what I had seen there
that had made me unreal.

Over and over,
I'm livin it over
the loss and the horror
of what I have seen.

Only eighteen,
only eighteen
I've nurtured an illness
as deep as the stillness

That lives in my dreams
or so it may seem.
Deep in my night sweat
I never can forget

The lives that were forfeit
for being eighteen
only eighteen
only eighteen.

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