I Heard a Rumor

Ryan Harvey
Lingua: Inglese

I heard a rumor that the forests would be gone
But then Bush got on the news and he assured I was wrong
And even they are depleted, it won't be for too long
The companies are cutting down the trees
But that's ok they'll grow back, in a few centuries
Then you won't need a respirator to breathe

They buy and sell this lumber at a price that fits their greed
While the entire earth is growing warmer at increasing speed
And the media is telling me about some celebrity
And I'm wondering just what we're doing here
All they want us to do is run in fear
But their intentions are becoming crystal clear

I heard a rumor that war is living hell
The same type of pain we felt and knew the day the buildings fell
I know some folks who were against who are now locked in a cell
Arrested for protesting the war
Opposed to a system that has started wars before
They were beaten, shot at, pepper sprayed and more

Now there's 10,000 bodies lying somewhere in Iraq
With a few hundred thousand U.S. soldiers walking down the block
And their missiles, tanks, and bomber jets are ready and in stock
They are scrapping all the treaties they oppose
Preparing this land for the CEOs
Who follow bombs wherever they may go

I saw a story about the war on CNN
They were lying with each syllable, time and time again
Saying this is justified, by a few good men
Like Berlusconi, Howard, Bush and Blair
Bring poverty and pestilence everywhere
Human suffering is the only thing they share

These bastards rule the world with a military fist
Or through economic schemes that only benefit the rich
At the expense of the poorest, as they kill those who resist
And they hide inside these fortresses to meet
Surrounded by riot cops and soldiers in the street
Still for some reason they try to be discreet

So they use their cash and power to control what's on TV
On the internet, the radio, and public policy
They buy up or pay off all the major network companies
And the company's get richer every day
They fund the elections, so they are healthily repaid
Through the rising use of unrestricted trade

I heard a rumor that our government is fair
I threw up and grabbed my chest and started gasping for fresh air
I didn't how to respond, I started pulling out my hair
How can you look at everything we've done
How can you tell me that this war's been won?
I see a land of good people on the run

So when you read the paper, please open up your eyes
See through the words of power, try to isolate the lies
Remember they are just there to maintain free enterprise
The corporate media is a disease
Don't read their pointless papers, even if they're free
And then we won't have to cut down so many trees.

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