Democrats Are Guilty Too!

Ryan Harvey
Language: English

I heard a democrat today on TV
Sayin' Stop the war, yeah, vote for me
And I'll bring peace to every foreign land

I guess it seemed like a noble thing
He said I will do about everything
That I can to ensure there's peaceful plans

And he smiled and acted like all along
He'd been holding two fingers up where they belong
And reading the anti-war speeches his speech writer wrote

But a year ago I never heard him say
Don't bomb Afghanistan or pushin for delay
Because back then peace would not win votes

Yeah, where was he when the war began
When the bombs start flying to Afghanistan
He was home giving war powers away

Saying Mr. President, I can't complain
You can seize this planet from without a brain
And I won't say one word as long I get pay

Because I'm a slave to the dollar sign
Like Republicans, those friends of mine
We love our money and that fearful bombing sound

And we'll kill children, even you
If we realize that profit will follow through
Because we're the government and that's why we're around

Now we're politicians with spying feds
And we love bombs and dying kids
And we love anything where someone dies

We like Free Trade, so fast track stayed
And all our clothes are sweatshop made
We're greedy, corrupt, backstabbing, and full of lies

We want this country under our control
We'll spin the media with backwards polls
And make sure that none of our constituents misbehave

But in the background we hope you don't see
That we are the vast minority
And there's an entire country waiting to fill our graves

Now I'm just a young man here
19 years of confronting fear
And I ain't seen nothing in their world but lies

I care because I'm just like you
I want peace and justice and freedom too
And I won't stop until I'm satisfied

Because I care I wage this fight
I clench this fist and it's wrist so tight
I know we have the power to end their game

And I won't vote for no rich man
No capitalists are gonna run my land
I'm an anarchist, and I am not ashamed

So rise with me yea let's get free
We can break these chains of monotony
Let this rotten system crash and burn

Because the current state is a sick regime
A bunch of fascists in war machines
Trying to pretend they are caring and concerned

This system is the prison cell
The Pentagon, the gates of hell
It won't be long until all their power's gone

One day the ruins of the USA
Will lie buried and shattered like and Rome and Pompei
And the world can start moving on.

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