Everybody Dreams On...

Richard Marot
Lingua: Inglese

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Everybody dreams on something,
Because there’s always something
Which remains so far, so far away…
It’s a wonderful light in the night
It’s the feeling of every sigh…

Because we have the right of smiling
And we have also the right of enjoying
And everybody dreams on something
Something that can enlighten his feeling
Something that can be expressed singing.

And you can dance and you can feel
And you can sing what you always wish
And you can watch a wonderful light
In the middle of a splendorous night,
With something like that feeling
Everybody dreams on this in some way.

Everybody dreams on something
Everybody dreams on something like this
Because everybody dreams sometimes
And we have to be ready for the wish.

And with that wish we will achieve a new thing
Because everybody will dream on something
Something that will be new and full of feeling
And that’s why we shall be gladder with ourselves
Dreaming on something dreamt by everybody…

Because it will be the best dream we can have
I’m talking about an eternal dream of goodness
And it’s true that I hope that everybody dreams
On this song, on something fair like this
I wish that everybody dreams on peace
And that this dream won’t be a dream someday…

inviata da Carles Viadel - 14/4/2008 - 11:16

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