If It Dies We Die

Anarka and Poppy
Lingua: Inglese

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Canzone ambientalista che sembra scritta ieri ma risale invece ai primi anni '80. Pubblicata come singolo solo nel 2017 durante una reunion della band.

If It Dies
It's an easy lifestyle they say
but you don't experience others' pain,
we're all exploited we're all in chains,
do you think that they're not watching you you are in range.

There's only one earth and we're all on it,
we all inhabit it we are part of it.

If it dies, we die...

You know our world is dying, that means us too,
we're dying every day, they're killing me and you.

If it dies, we die...

You have the potential to at least shout,
for the home that is so dear, do you really care?
Whatever happens to this earth affects you,
so let's keep our world in safe hands and keep the sky blue.

If it dies, we die...

For your children and your children's children give them many years to come,
let them see the natural earth instead of something made by man.

If it dies, we die..

17/9/2022 - 15:53

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